Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Good Read Spotlight: Adverbs

Adverbs, by Daniel Handler

It may not be a new release, but it's definitely a worthwhile read. Daniel Handler's Adverbs is a tangled mess of convoluted metaphors that attempt to wrap themselves around an all-encompassing definition of love. The story follows characters like threads of an intricatelywoven tapestry where you often lose track of a single strand amidst a swirling knot and continue tracing the next convenient string. Whether watching young Mike trying to learn how the world works, commiserating with Helena wondering if this is really all there is, or following any of the other delightfully helpless and love-starved characters, you will experience just about every permutation of love, relationship, and infatuation possible in the course of this novel. And there’s a volcano. Confused? So am I, but I’m loving every minute of it.

As one might guess from the title, Adverbs is clearly preoccupied with language and its capacity to explain some of the more complicated human experiences. This novel requires a definite suspension of disbelief, especially when the Snow Queen comes into play. While the plot may seem elusive at first, the greater workings of the story slowly become clear when you least expect it. Besides, Daniel Handler’s knack for humor and character development is phenomenal. In other words, sit back, relax, and let the funny come to you.

Review by Julie Franks, Indigo Editing, LLC

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