Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Release Spotlight: Louder than Words

Louder than Words by Jenny McCarthy

Louder than Words is Jenny McCarthy’s story of her journey through the world of autism. After her two and a half year old son Evan started seizing unexplainably, Jenny’s life turned completely upside down as she searched for answers to why it happened. After many more seizures, sleepless nights, an absent husband, and countless frustrations with the medical staff, Jenny finally learned the answer: her son had autism.

From beginning to end, Jenny’s story captivates you; her story is heart-breaking yet inspiring. You will quickly find yourself emotionally invested in her story—crying one minute and laughing the next. She writes, “I know being a total bitch does not help any situation, but when your baby is sick, other people’s stupidity is unacceptable.” Her frankness may not mix well with the medical staff, but it will win your admiration and increase your respect for Jenny McCarthy.

Like many loving Moms, she is fearless and relentless when it comes to protecting her child. As she takes you through her long and tumultuous journey, her determination and courage will astound you. It cannot be stressed enough—autism is not a dead-end diagnosis. She adamantly states, “If there was a 1 percent chance of saving my son, I was going to use all 110% of it.” We should all develop this attitude—no matter what hardship we are facing or obstacle we are overcoming.

Not only does Jenny’s story provide you with valuable life-lessons, it raises awareness and gives you a better understanding of autism. While autism takes on many different forms, the characteristics include: problems with language development and usage, difficulties with understanding how to interact socially, and insistence of rituals and repetitive behaviors. Autism now affects one in a hundred and fifty children, and early intervention is critical. Jenny stresses the importance of not giving up hope and faith. She discusses the value of speech and behavioral therapy, supplementation, and diet. Jenny also touches on some controversial theories, such as the link between vaccines and autism.

For those who have a loved one with autism, read this book. For those who don’t personally know someone with autism, I would still recommend this book. You will fall in love with Evan as you watch him struggle through the basics, and progress emotionally and mentally—all thanks to a mom who “believed anything was possible and never stopped looking for answers.” Jenny McCarthy won’t let you down.

Review by Valerie Zogas, Indigo Editing, LLC

Louder than Words
Publisher: Penguin Group
ISBN: 978-0-525-95011-0
Hardback, $23.95

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