Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Only Three Days Left Till Sledgehammer!

The writing contest of the century--or at least the weekend--is almost upon us.

Indigo Editing & Publications introduces a new approach to shattering writer’s block: create teams, run around Portland gathering writing prompts and write a story … all within 36 hours.

This weekend will bring the first-ever Sledgehammer writing contest. Starting at noon on Saturday, October 18, teams of writers will converge at Backspace, 115 N.W. 5th Ave. in Portland, to receive their first writing prompt and clues to further writing prompts. They’ll head out to several locations around Portland to gather all four writing prompts, and they’ll have 36 hours to write the best fiction piece they can come up with. Final submissions are due back at Backspace by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, October 19.

The winning piece will be selected by judge Jan Underwood, 2005 winner of the 3-Day Novel Writing Contest for Day Shift Werewolf. The victorious team takes home the prize package worth over $3,000 and will be scheduled to read during Wordstock, held November 8 and 9 at the Portland Convention Center.

Prizes include a bike tour of Hawaii, writing classes, writing community memberships, books, gift certificates, magazine subscriptions, T-shirts, editing services and much more! The winning piece will be distributed in print at Wordstock and online at

Participant registration is open to individuals as well as teams. Register online at or in person as late as noon on October 18. Cost is $20/individual or $75/team. Open to all ages. Participants 12 and under will receive free feedback on their story, courtesy of Indigo Editing & Publications.

Through the Sledgehammer writing contest, we support writing as a team activity, foster love for the beautiful city of Portland and its small businesses and thrive through cooperative creativity among people and across the arts.

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