Saturday, November 22, 2008

Book Designers: The 2009 Stiftung Buchkunst International Design Competition is Accepting Entries

The Seattle-based Marquand Books, Inc. invites design book professionals to submit entries to "The Best Book Design from All Over the World", Stiftung Buchkunst's international design competition at the annual Frankfurt Book Fair.

A selection committee of book design professionals will select the US entries to then submit to Siftung Buchkunst. Final entries will be judged by an international jury. Important aspects to be judged include typesetting, reproduction, printing, paper, binding, typography, and graphic design.

Submission deadline is Monday, December 15, 2008.
No participation fee. Sorry, entries will not be returned.

Send 2 copies of each book (maximum entry of 3 books per individual designer) and include the following information:


Send entries to:
Marquand Books
Stiftung Buchkunst Competition
1402 Third Avenue
Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98101

Finalists will be selected and featured on Marquand's blog, in early January 2009. Contact for more information.

Finalists will be juried in February 2009, and featured at an exhibition at the Leipzig Book Fair and the Book Art International exhibition at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Stiftung Buchkunst was founded in 1965, emerging from the Sammlung Buchkunst, an organization of the German National Library focused on collecting books with aesthetic designs. Today, the German Publishers and Booksellers Association, the German National Library, and the cities of Frankfurt and Leipzig unite to sponsor and promote the foundation. The main goal of the foundation is the critical surveillance of the bookmaking trade with the objective of maintaining and improving the quality of book design.
Stiftung Buchkunst hosts the exhibition “Book Art International” at the Frankfurt Book Fair each autumn. Prizewinning books from approximately thirty countries are presented, organized according to category. The exhibition allows both experts and the general public to become acquainted with the technical and aesthetic fundamentals of books. Visitors from around the world are given the opportunity to experience and compare a broad range of designs.

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  1. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Hello, I missed your initial deadline. Is it at all possible to still enter. Thanks in advance

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  3. This is actually not our contest; we were just helping to spread the word. You'll have to contact the contest directly at to find out if you can still submit. Good luck!