Monday, February 02, 2009

Photo Story: Grunge Car

I clearly had been rather upset at the time, my memory can still trace the lines I followed and the lines I crossed. Still, there weren't so many bricks at the time, the walls seemed lower, there appeared to be an alley through which I saw daylight. You ask me if I was drunk or on drugs or if I was trying to hurt someone, myself maybe. You weren't there. I can't admit everything to you. The dents will not stop me from moving on. They shouldn't stop me, but I fear the drive is over. Someone has left me here and I still have a lot of miles left in me, miles I will never get to enjoy. There're going to haul me away backwards and I'm just going to rust somewhere. I put a lot of work into going somewhere and now I have to hope someone robs a piece of me and carries me away, uses me to help them go forth and find a wall to crash into. Take me.

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