Monday, June 22, 2009

Social Media Galore!

That's right, we're doing the social media thing. Join us online to keep us posted on your writing endeavors and to see what's new on Indigo's agenda!

@inkfilledpage: Follow us for snippets of stories in the most recent or upcoming issue, and we'll remind you of submission deadlines to get your own work in!
@sledgehammerwri: That's right, the Sledgehammer 36-hour writing contest is back! Follow us on Twitter to see all the latest updates, including finalized dates, cities hosting this year's adventure, and our newest, hottest sponsors.

Ink-Filled Page Group: Yep, we've got a group and want to see you in it! We'll update you on submissions deadlines and new issue releases, let you know about upcoming events, and announce congratulations to our contributors when they achieve another publishing success.
Sledgehammer Page: Become a fan! You know you want to. What writer or reader isn't a fan of 36-hour/scavenger hunt/timed writing craziness? And you'll get all the latest news on how Sledgehammer 2009 is unfolding.

See you online!

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