Friday, August 07, 2009

Spotlighted Literary Events

Date: Sunday, August 9th
Bluestockings Bookstore is hosting a reading/signing by Ankur Shah, author of Sometimes We Walk Alone. His striking and deeply spiritual story depicts his 2006 recreation of Mahatma Gandhi's pilgrimage from Ahmedabad, Gujarat to the ocean at Dandi protesting the British tax on salt.
Where: 172 Allen St., New York, NY
When: 7 PM
Cost: Free

Date: Monday, August 10th
Show and Tell Gallery and Three Friends Coffee House presents the 3 Friends Mondays: Caffeinated Art. On August 10th, attendees will enjoy readings by award winning authors Evelyn Sharenov and Megan Kruse. For your listening pleasure, Beet Roots, the self-proclaimed 100% organic girl duo, will play guitar and mandolin!
Where: Three Friends Coffee House, 201 SE 12th and Ash, Portland, OR
When: 7 - 8 PM
Cost: Free! Just bring your love for caffeine, literature, and great music.
More Info: Visit the Show and Tell Gallery's website and click "Upcoming Events."

Date: Tuesday, August 11th
Books and Bars book club is hosting a lively discussion, led by comedian Jeff Kamin, of Audrey Niffengger's The Time Traveler's Wife at The Soap Factory. While at the event, you can create a paper sculpture just like Clare and pay homage to Henry through a group-made card catalog. Great brews and wine will be available and may even bring out your competitive side for the one-on-one writing contests!
Where: Common Room, The Soap Factory, 518 and St. SE, Minneapolis, MN
When: 6 - 10 PM
Cost: Suggested donation of $5. All are welcome, even if you haven't read the book!
For more information about the Books and Bars club visit their website.

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