Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Call for Student Submissions - Honoring Our River

Honoring Our River, an annual anthology of student-created art and writing, is currently seeking submissions from anyone from kindergarten to high school. This anthology focuses on a resource that touches the lives of many Oregonians, the Willamette River. Submissions for Honoring Our River must be postmarked by February 28.

Educators interested in getting their classes involved in this project can request a free watershed toolkit by emailing Honoring Our River. As the website states, the toolkit includes:

educational information on the Willamette River Watershed, a copy of the Willamette Legacy video, and a previous edition of Honoring Our River.

While the stories and artwork demonstrate a wide variety of themes, the students are asked to submit work that focuses on the effect of this natural resource, letting their work honor our river in some way. Honoring Our River offers students a topic for their creation, a catalyst for creativity. The anthology provides a way for students to publish their work, to get their name into the community.

A student may only submit one entry of art or writing for this anthology. If the student submits a story, he or she may also attach a work of art to accompany the piece. Students wishing to submit work should speak to their teachers about this project; the submission form requires a signature by the submitter's educator. You can download the entry form and guidelines for submission from the Honoring Our River website.

Honoring Our River - Call for Submissions
Seeking art and writing from grades K - 12
Must be postmarked by February 28
Entry form & guidelines found at:

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