Friday, April 16, 2010

Spotlighted Literary Events

Apr. 17th, 3:00 pm: Come participate in another edition of the Mini-Sledgehammer Writing Contest presented by Indigo Editing & Publications. After a reading by Alan Dubinsky—the winner of last year’s contest—the audience will receive prompts and will have 36 minutes to write their own short stories. All entries will be judged on the spot and winners will take home prizes. The Mini-Sledgehammer Contest is free and open to the public—the event is hosted at Floyd's Coffee Shop in Old Town (118 NW Couch Street, Portland).

Apr. 20th, 6:00 pm: The New Oregon Interview Series is turning its eye toward the literature and arts in Portland. Join host Nora Robertson as she leads a discussion with artist/curator Nan Curtis, filmmaker/architecture critic Brian Libby, and writer Floyd Skloot. How is the Portland art scene in dialogue with other regions? How does our art allow us access to the outside world? The event is free and also includes an open wine and beer bar. Follow the discussion at White Stag Block (70 NW Couch Street, Portland).

Apr. 21st, 8:00 pm: Join the release party for Jeff Parker's latest graphic novel Underground. Parker, a local writer and comic book artist, twists the man versus nature story, moving the action to the caves of Kentucky. Parker has worked with DC, Dark Horse, Image, and Marvel. Celebrate this arrival of another great graphic novel at Things from Another World (4133 NE Sandy Boulevard, Portland).

Picture Credit: Cover of Underground #3 by Steve Lieber and Jeff Parker

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