Friday, May 28, 2010

Featured Photo Story: The Picture of Innocence

Thirty-six hours ago, a woman died in Val's No Tell Motel. Larry and Barbara had several bad spots in their marriage. Barbara thoughts their troubles were over when he suggested a weekend mini-vacation in Orlando. What he didn't tell her was that the reservations were for the cheapest motel within a hundred miles. The first night resulted in everything she could have hoped for (short of a decent motel.) Great food, sex, and booze in previously unheard of quantities. The second night wasn't quite as good. On Sunday morning, Larry deposited the shovel, hammer, and scraps from some plastic sheeting into the farthest dumpster at the end of the parking lot. As he headed off alone, back to Slidell, he glanced at the woods behind the motel, grinned briefly, and gunned the engine.

Thanks to KEN LUMMUS for translating image to imagery.

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