Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tell Your Story in Six Words

Could you do it? I've been following this new book for about a week now—it's so interesting. Put your six words in comments. I'm trying to lead us off, but it's tricky you know (it always is when you're trying to be economical with your words). "Started with dogs, now snuggling cats"? "Scent of fall always reminds me"? Check out the examples of published ones—or buy the book; there are some truly lovely ones.

A recent interview with the creators is here. In addition to the book, they also talk about online vs. print publishing, since they also edit SMITH Magazine. What do you think of the two forms? What do you think of SMITH's premise and the work they're doing?

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  1. I'm intent on coming up with a six-word story, but I'm a little gunshy. Anyone else have one to add here?