Friday, January 09, 2009

Call for Youth Submissions

Ink-Filled Page
Call for Submissions
Spring 2009—Youth Issue

The Ink-Filled Page is a quarterly literary journal produced by Indigo Editing & Publications. The journal is published online quarterly, and we print an anthology annually.

Our youth issue features the artistic talents—both literary and visual—of young adults in grades 6–12. So polish your stories from English class, dust off your paintings from art class, and submit them for a chance to be published!

Literary Submissions:
Fiction submissions can be short stories or novel excerpts, and the nonfiction section is open to personal narratives and essays. While all genres are welcome, special interests include:
• travel
• multicultural themes
• feminism
• magical realism
We are specifically looking for fresh, untold stories and unique voices that draw us into the world of the story.

While we know and love many Jo(h)ns, we are inundated by character Jo(h)ns. We ask that you only submit characters by that name if it is necessary for the story.

Limit submissions to 5,000 words, one submission per candidate. Authors who submit more than one piece will not be considered. Electronic submissions only; submit at

All literary submissions must be written for an English-reading audience. By submitting a story to Ink-Filled Page, you confirm that you are the sole creator of the story and that you hold all rights to your piece.

Artwork submissions:
Artwork submissions are open to all mediums, but pieces must be submitted electronically. Winning pieces are selected based on composition and originality. Pieces will be published in color in the online quarterly issue and in black and white in the print anthology. Please submit pieces that will translate well in both contexts. We are looking for pieces that highlight the human experience—show us the good or the bad, be surreal or real, but make sure that whatever you submit connects us, human to human.

Limit three submissions per candidate. Artists who submit more than three pieces will not be considered. Submit digital artwork at 300 dpi or higher. Electronic submissions only; submit at By submitting your artwork to Ink-Filled Page, you confirm that you are the sole creator of those pieces and that you hold all rights to your piece.

Selected authors and artists earn publication and will receive a complimentary subscription to all four quarterly issues in the volume in which they are published, as well as a complimentary copy of the annual anthology when it is released in October 2009. Contributors may buy additional copies of the anthology for 10% off. Authors will also receive professional editing services on the selected story. All work must be original and unpublished. By submitting your work to the Ink-Filled Page, you are offering first online and print publication rights.

The youth issue accepts submissions from young adults in grades 6–12. Submit electronically at no later than Saturday, February 28.

For best results, read our publication before you submit. Electronic issues and print anthologies are available for purchase at

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