Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Photo Story Prompt: Hands

I'm trying something new here. Some claim a picture says a thousand words, but I'd like to think a picture inspires a thousand words.

So every Wednesday, we'll post a picture we think could send you on a journey through writing a new story. Write whatever comes to you, and if you feel so inclined, send it in to be posted on our blog with other stories based on the same photo. Feel free to comment on each other's stories and just generally enjoy the process of playing with the written word and the world it creates.

Here's the first week's photo:

Whatever you come up with--whether it's a thousand words or not--send it to us at If you'd like your name and contact info to be posted with your story, be sure to include that too.

Happy writing!


  1. Ali,

    I love what you are doing at Indigo Editing and all I have to say is keep it up. The photo story above is a great idea. I look forward to your future SledgeHammer contests and always enjoy seeing a new Ink-Filled Page.

    I look forward to seeing more Great things from Indigo Editing.

    -Spencer C.

  2. Thanks, Spencer!

    It's great to have support from people like you. I hope to read one of your responses to a photo story prompt sometime soon.


  3. Mishel Awan7:18 AM

    I love the photo stories idea, and love yur idea of sledgehammer contest and i always look forward to see a new page