Friday, June 11, 2010

Indigo's Next Day of Workshops

Our first day of workshops was a hit, so we're already planning our second. Mark your calendar for Saturday, August 21, and join us to hone your skills of writing across genres, attracting the attention your book deserves, and providing top-notch readings. Each class is limited to nine students, so register early!

Differently Abled: Using Tools Outside Your Genre to Break Through Blocks in Writing
10:30 a.m.–Noon
Instructor: Susan DeFreitas
Cost: $45*

Can the music of poetry inform the language of prose? Can fictive structures strengthen nonfictional narratives? Can the kind of character development normally associated with prose create stronger, more striking poems?

Yes, yes, and yes! In this workshop, we’ll examine ways that tools and techniques common to fiction, nonfiction, and poetry can work together to inform and strengthen one another.

Open to any and all writers, this workshop is likely to prove especially useful to those who already work in more than one genre. Come with pen and paper, and/or your laptop—leave with new insights, new writing, and new tools.

Susan DeFreitas is a writer whose work encompasses multiple genres and mediums. Her nonfiction has been published in Yes! Magazine; Natural Home; E, the Environmental Magazine; and The Utne Reader. Her poetry has appeared in The Bear Deluxe, Third Wednesday, and Southwestern American Literature, and her Web site of hypertext poetry and fiction,, went online in June of 2010. She is a recent transplant to Portland from Northern Arizona, where she served as an associate editor and monthly columnist for The Noise. Currently, she blogs on green technology for and is enrolled in the MFA in Writing program at Pacific University.

How to Make Your Book a Head Turner
2:40–4:10 p.m.
Instructor: Ali McCart
Cost: $45*

The key to publishing a book successfully is to make an impression. Every person involved in the process of publishing your book—agent, editor, publicist, reviewer, bookseller, and consumer—must be impressed with your words and your approach. This workshop will teach you tips on researching your book’s place in the market and tricks for making it stand out. We’ll include time to evaluate your current approach and to provide feedback on developing a book that will turn heads and open wallets.

Ali McCart has been evaluating authors’ methods since before she understood the term literary criticism. She has helped dozens of writers transform their books from wallflowers to knockouts—or, put in book terms, from spine-outs to face-outs—with simple accentuating techniques.

The Power Couples of Great Readings
2:40–4:10 p.m.
Instructor: Kristin Thiel
Cost: $45*

The age of the quiet writer is over, now that technology has shrunk our world and the economy has tightened the wallets of publishers and readers. And now that hermit heroes J. D. Salinger and Hunter S. Thompson have left the building. Authors need to be a part of public readings and other events—and that one you gave at the last campfire doesn’t count. Practice planning a great reading and then reading great with our strategies that are broken into three helpful power couples: Short and Sweet (or Sour); Free and Clear; and Bold and Bright. No one has reason to stand before potential book buyers grumbling, mumbling, or at a loss for words.

Kristin Thiel lives solidly in the introvert camp, but she loves giving successful readings and continues to be asked to the stage. She’s read on KBOO radio and in bookstores, at Multnomah County’s Central Library and at wine shops.

*Attend all three workshops for just $100. Each class is limited to nine students. All classes will be held at the Indigo office, 519 SW 3rd Ave., 5th floor conference room, Portland, Oregon.

Take advantage of these great prices to add to your knowledge base and to get to know our editors! E-mail to register.

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