Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Release Spotlight: The Name of This Book is Secret

The Name of This Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch


So begins The Name of This Book is Secret. “Good,” the narrator continues once you’ve turned the page. “Now I know I can trust you. You’re curious. You’re brave. And you’re not afraid to lead a life of crime.”

The narrator goes on to tell us about secrets and how powerful a force they are and hints at the big one that may be hiding in the book. After we’re warned (in a tongue-in-cheek manner) not to continue reading, that what we will discover may be too frightening to bear, we’re introduced to Cass, the eleven-year-old heroine of the story.

When she one day discovers in her grandfathers’ antique store a box of small vials called the Symphony of Smells that once belonged to a missing magician, her curiosity is piqued. At school she meets Max-Ernest (his parents couldn’t agree on a name), a talkative perpetual bad-joke teller, and they soon become “collaborators” in the mystery.

Venturing to the magician’s house, they encounter an oddly-perfect looking couple in search of the magician’s notebook. After evading them (and snagging the notebook themselves) Cass and Max-Ernest soon find themselves on a dangerous journey involving kidnappings, an ancient cult, and a dangerous secret.

The journey is a fun and exciting one and there are lots of twists and surprises along the way. Original and clever, the story moves along quickly; the frenetic pace ensures that there’s rarely a dull moment. The quirky, memorable characters and amusing narrator interjections will certainly keep you entertained.

Although probably meant for the tweener/young adult set, The Name of This Book is Secret could really be enjoyed by anyone.

Review by Tim Josephs, Indigo Editing, LLC

ISBN: 0-316-11366-2
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Pub. Date: October 2007
Hardcover, $17.99

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