Friday, November 16, 2007

Where Did the Funny Go?

I write a lot. In fact, I’ve been writing a new short story every week for nearly a year and a half. I’m not crazy (well…no, not really), and I’m not trying to boast (although it is rather impressive), but it’s because I write for the Portland Fiction Project. In case you haven’t heard of us (and where ya been?) we’re a group that’s constantly creating original short fiction and posting it everyday on our website Check it out if you want to be thoroughly entertained.

Anyway, my point is I write a lot and it’s mostly humorous stuff. I always lean towards humor; my first instinct is to look for a laugh. When one week the editor of the PFP gave us the suggestion word “death,” my first thought was, “Okay, how do I make death funny?” I try to keep things light and witty and I think most people prefer to read something amusing, I know I do.

So my question is, where did the funny go? I read a lot of short fiction too and I’ve noticed a real dearth of humor. Why is that? Is the world in such a mess that everyone’s too depressed to be funny? Has global warming and Bush and Britney sucked everything good and fun from our lives? I certainly hope not because it seems like now more than ever we could really use a good laugh.

(Shameless plug time)

So my little diatribe has got you wondering about literature that will tickle your funny bone? Well, look no further than A Camouflaged Fragrance of Decency, a book of humorous short fiction by yours truly. Check out for more information. And remember, there's no better Christmas gift than the gift of laughter.

Do you have a funny story? Well, Indigo would love to read it. Right now we're accepting submissions for the winter edition of the Ink-Filled Page. Check out our home page for more information.

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  1. Kristin7:45 AM

    I haven't been reading many roll-on-the-floor-laughing stories either lately, but I wouldn't say the funny's gone. I see lots of subtle humor, or humor woven into what would be classified overall as more of a not-comedic piece. For example, I just caught up on a bunch of One Story issues. In my experience, One Story stories would not be shelved in the humor section, but there's still wit.

    OK, I realize you were talking about more pervasive humor, but I didn't want us to forget the other kind!

    P.S. Welcome to Indigo, Tim.