Saturday, November 17, 2007

Striking Writers—Some More Thoughts

Ali McCart introduced on this blog the topic of the Hollywood writers' strike a couple weeks ago, when it started. Let's keep this important bit of news going with some more resources to check out.

A large part of what the writers are striking about involves the Internet, so what better way to recap than by a video they created. For a less polished but still interesting look, here's a video some of those from The Office made from the picket line. The ridiculousness of the networks' position, an example of support from cast and crew—it's all there.

But will the networks be smart enough to change the "Internet pie" while the writers are busy negotiating for what currently exists? Check out this article in Forbes. Keep reading about the importance of this fight at another Forbes article.

Last in this post but not in importance, stay up to date with news directly from the writers at their United Hollywood blog. They even suggest ways we can do something in support. (And I love the third point under the Pencils2MediaMoguls post on November 16.)

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