Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Odds and Ends Wednesday

Following up on my post from November 17 about Amazon (the bookstore, not the .com): the only feminist bookstore in Texas, BookWoman, is in danger of closing. Read more about what's happening and how to help here.

More info on the Grace Paley event I originally posted about on September 19:
An Interest in Life: GRACE PALEY

Grace Paley, one of this country's most honored and best loved writers, died on August 22, 2007. Her commitment to antimilitarism, environmentalism, feminism and antiracism was inseparable from her stories, essays, and poems.

Tuesday, December 11 @ 7:00 p.m.
Broadway Books 1714 NE Broadway 503.284.1726

Grace visited and taught in Oregon, and had many friends, students, and colleagues who will tell stories about her and read from her work: Ursula K. LeGuin, Elisabeth Linder, Judith Arcana, Elinor Langer, Marjorie Sandor, Judith Barrington, Miriam Budner, and others. The evening will also include some chances for audience participation, and cake.

Commemorating Grace's membership in the War Resisters League for nearly fifty years, 10% of Broadway Books’ sales at the event will be donated to the Portland chapter’s Military and Draft Counseling Project.

Budner will be discussing Paley's fiction with her biographer, Arcana, on KBOO radio (90.7 FM) December 4 at 10:00 a.m.

And regarding my post from way back in September, on the 6th, to be exact: The Portland Writers Room, now officially named Writers' Dojo, is really up and running, complete with its own Web site.

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