Monday, March 30, 2009

Downstream: Writing with the Current

Join Paulann Petersen in a poetry workshop dedicated to creation, reflection, and craft.

Using notable poems as springboards, we'll turn ourselves loose in the river of words, letting language carry us along in its current. Each session, we'll generate some new work. We'll also look at your poems (either ones you've written in our workshop, or earlier ones you've brought with you) for possible ways to strengthen them through revision.

The word "revision" offers us a bracing truth. To truly revise is to do much more than mere editing and tinkering: it's learning to see our poems anew, moving them toward their strengths. I'll use critiques as opportunities for short lessons, addressing issues of craft raised by the particular poem we're looking at. We'll be lingering in a few eddies, examining significant elements of craft such as line integrity, dramatic strategy, voice and trope.

My goal is to have each participant leave the workshop with both an outpouring of new material, and some new--or newly honed--tools for revision.

This workshop is open to writers of all levels of experience.

Sundays, 12-3 pm, April 26th to May 31st

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