Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where do your stories come from?

This is a live-blog post corresponding with Indigo's live performance on KBOO.

I’ve been fascinated by landscapes, wildlife and people since I was a kid. My family took month-long camping trips across the continent, and I collected landscapes like I gathered up interesting rocks and small compliant animals. Lawrence Durrell said that “human beings are expressions of their landscapes." This sentiment informs my stories and poems. The interface and adventure of cultural and natural history is a constant source of wonder and fascination for me. Many of my stories start out at parties in the kitchen (you know how people tend to gather in the kitchen), which I believe to be the modern equivalent of the hearth of our ancestors. Retelling some stories just gets better with beverages and laughter.

Jo Anne Dolan

Jo Anne was a contributor to last year's Ink-Filled Page, her work appearing in the 2008 Anthology.

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