Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where do your stories come from?

This is a live-blog post corresponding with Indigo's live performance on KBOO.

For me, I love observing people, listening to conversations, and analyzing mannerisms. I basically write about people I know, taking stories from my life, and exaggerating the events, often making them more melancholy or tragic. I love writing about my family because they give me so much material. The story I wrote featured in the Ink-Filled Page, "Lies My Mother Told Me", was taken from different events in my life--my aunt's death, my father's infidelity, my grandfather's alcoholism--and combined into specific characters in a family, who are dealing with these same issues. I feel my writing is best if it's based off reality, and that's where most of my ideas come from.

Sahag Gureghian

Sahag was a contributer to last year's Ink-Filled Page, his work appearing in the 2008 Anthology.

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